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KCCU Job Opening - Chief Engineer

KCCU has an opening for the position of Chief Engineer. You can apply online here. Applications can only be posted through the online portal. The posted job requirements are below. Please do not mail us your resume. All job related materials must be competed online. Inquiries are handled through the Cameron University Human Resources Department. Please do not call the station about your application. The position will remain open until filled. This position has paid vacation and University benefits package.

KCCU Chief Engineer (Electronic Engineer)

Job Description (A1303E)

Job Description: The KCCU Chief Engineer, KCCU is the Chief Operator of all of KCCU’s Terrestrial broadcast facilities. The chief engineer will also be the co-Network Administrator of the automation LAN. The Chief Engineer may have other duties as assigned by the Director of Broadcasting, as well as providing expertise as requested by other departments at Cameron University. The position reports directly to the Director of Broadcasting.

This person uses established safety practices to protect the health and safety of personnel and property in an electrical and RF emission environment.  This person must have the ability to lift objects up to 50 pounds, ability to climb ladders and scaffolds, ability to stoop, bend, and work in uncomfortable positions to accomplish a task. This person must have the ability to use small and large tools, able to discern different aural sounds, tones, and color codes, and able to read equipment meters.

Job Duties: Job duties of the Chief Engineer, KCCU include but are not limited to:

1. Ensure Technical Operating Standards

·         Keep transmitting equipment in compliance with all Federal Communications Commission Rules & Regulations of a technical nature;

·         Knowledge of FCC rules, good engineering practices & the use of appropriate test equipment, must provide preventative and emergency maintenance to keep the frequency, modulation level, and spurious emissions within prescribed standards;

·         Maintenance will be accomplished on all transmitter & receivers including the      remotely controlled transmitter, microwave & telemetry links, and remotes;

·         Maintenance of all electronic equipment to ensure the sound quality of the station;

·         Supervision of compliance with Emergency Activation System (EAS) tests and       warnings is required.


2. Station Engineering

·         Participate in the planning and direct the implementation of long and short range engineering goals to meet station objectives.

·         Install & maintain multi-channel NPR network satellite audio system

·         Train staff to use the computer controlled satellite receivers to receive & record network programming

·         Develop & maintain automated station equipment          

·         Develop & maintain remote access to station automation resources so that emergency equipment problems affecting our broadcast can be alleviated in the shortest amount of time.

·         Maintain emergency power generators at studio and transmitter locations


3. Local Network Resource Management

·         Develop and administrate local area networks for data, communications and audio resources for station purposes;

·         Install & maintain digital audio network server & workstations;

·         Train staff to used digital network equipment for audio production and programming needs;

·         Install & maintain personal computer Local Area Network for business office applications software, including spreadsheets, word processing, communication & database management for everyday use by staff.


4. Statewide Network Resource Management

·         Supervise and coordinate the daily operations of several remote broadcast facilities and back-up sites serving a statewide area.


1.  Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or related field OR an equivalent combination of education/job related experience.

2.  36 months full time experience as a communications engineer at a broadcast facility.

3.  Effective oral and written communication, good organizational skills.

4.  Familiarity with computers and knowledge of computer software.

5.  Ability to work independently and within a team environment.


1.    Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or related field and SBE certification.

2.    Five years’ experience as broadcast engineer.

3.  Effective oral and written communication, good organizational skills.

4.  Familiarity with computers and knowledge of computer software.

5.  Ability to work independently and within a team environment.

JOB #-A1303E

Doug Cole joined KCCU-FM in April, 2007 as Station Manager and Operations Director. In November 2012, Doug accepted the title of Interim General Manager. Doug became Director of Broadcasting, effective July 1, 2013. Prior to moving to Lawton, Doug was the General Manager of KOCV-FM, Odessa College, in Odessa Texas.