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Station Information

KCCU-FM began broadcasting in 1989 as a non-profit station licensed under Cameron University providing the Lawton/Ft. Sill/Duncan area with classical music. As the station's support and reputation grew, programming grew to include jazz, variety shows, and of course National Public Radio (NPR) news. The KCCU network has full-power stations in Lawton/Ft. Sill, Altus, Ardmore, and Wichita Falls, Texas. In addition to national broadcasts, KCCU produces a unique local program called Mary McClure's Slice of Life.  

As an operating unit of Cameron University, KCCU provides broadcast students with internship and scholarship opportunities. One of our educational projects is 'CU News,' a student-produced newscast highlighting Cameron

CPB and FCC Compliance

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) provides KCCU with an annual grant and requires KCCU to disclose the following information.

1. Station Staff.
The KCCU executive staff includes General Manager Michael Leal and Station Manager & Operation Director, Cynthia Sosa. All staff can be contacted toll-free at 888-454-7800 or email: A complete list of information about each staff member can be found at this link.

2. Board of Directors.
KCCU is owned by Cameron University and governed by the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma. Information about the Board of Regents can be found here.

3. Community Advisory Board.
By law, KCCU is not required to have a community advisory board.

4. Open Meetings.
All meetings of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma are open to the public.
Click here for information on the date, time and location of the meetings.
Click here for the minutes of past meetings.

5. Most Recent Audited Financial Statements (AFS).
KCCU's most recent audited financial statements are located here:
KCCU's CPB Financial Report 2023.

6. Annual Financial Reports (AFR).
These reports are made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. A copy of the most recent report is here:
KCCU CPB Audited Financial Report (AFR) for FY 23
KCCU CPB Audited Financial Report (AFR) for FY22

7. Employee and Contractor Compensation.
KCCU does not file a separate IRS 990. KCCU does not have any highly compensated employees exceeding the threshold required to file a form 990. Instead, here is the information required in Part VIIA and Part VIIB: KCCU’s Replication of IRS 990.

8. Local Content and Services Report (SAS).
This report is made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting each year. The Station Activity Survey (SAS) for fiscal year 2023 was submitted to CPB and can be found below:
KCCU Local Content and Services Report 2023
KCCU Local Content and Services Report 2022

9. Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment.
KCCU supports equal employment opportunities and works against discrimination in employment. KCCU operates within the principles outlined in Cameron University’s Office of Equal Opportunity.
KCCU's diversity statement and related initiatives are located here.
KCCU Diversity Statement 2022-2023 Revised.pdf
KCCU Diversity Statement_2023.pdf

10. Equal Employment Opportunity Report (EEO).
Each year, KCCU files an equal opportunity report with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If you are unable to access our public files and need assistance, contact or call 888-454-7800.
2024 KCCU FCC Equal Employment Opportunity Report
EEO Public File Report KCCU 2023 (Original version)
EEO Public File Report KCCU 2023 (Corrected Jan. 26)

11. Donor Privacy.
KCCU does not sell, trade, or give its mailing and phone lists to any organization that is not directly associated with the station and its activities. KCCU does not allow its lists or databases to be used in any fashion that is not directly related to its activities and controlled by its procedures. Although KCCU may receive several requests for list-related information during its business activities, KCCU has never participated in any arrangement that might compromise the security of its database information, nor does it intend to do so in the future.

12. FCC Public File.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted the public inspection file requirement to “make information to which the public already has a right more readily available so that the public will be encouraged to play a more active part in dialogue with broadcast licensees.” The FCC now requires almost all FCC Public File information to be posted online at a website hosted by the FCC. This provides the public with easy access to information regarding individual radio stations. To directly access the public file information for each of KCCU's broadcast licenses, use the link below:
KCCU 89.3 FM - Lawton Online FCC Public File
KLCU 90.3 FM - Ardmore Online FCC Public File
KMCU 88.7 FM - Wichita Falls Online FCC Public File
KOCU 90.1 FM - Altus Online FCC Public File
For persons with disabilities who need assistance accessing the KCCU FCC Public Files, please contact us at

13. Ownership Reports (FCC Form 323-E).
The Federal Communications Commission requires each station to file a Biennial Ownership Report.
2023 Biennial Ownership Report (FCC Form 323-E)

14. FCC Quarterly Issues-Program Reports.
Here are the most recent Quarterly Issues-Program reports from KCCU:
Q2 2024 Issues and Programs Report
Q1 2024 Issues and Programs Report
Q4 2023 Issues and Programs Report
Q3 2023 Issues and Programs Report