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Lawton Mobile Meals prepares Christmas gifts for recipients

Lawton Mobile Meals Executive Board took some time to make Christmas gift bags for their recipients this week.

The Christmas gift bags were filled with peanut butter crackers, tissues, chocolates, oranges, notepads, and pens.

Lawton Mobile Meals President Pat Powell says they make these gift bags because some of the recipients on Mobile Meals don’t have anyone and this is a way to bring them some joy this Holiday season.

“The reason we did this is because we have a lot of people on Lawton Mobile Meals that are living alone by themselves, they’re probably not going to receive anything for Christmas and we thought out of our generosity we’d give them a little joy bag, so they’d have something to open on Christmas day.”

Powell is a retired Chief Warrant Officer and spends most of her time giving back to the community because it makes her feel good.

“It gives me a fuzzy feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile for an elderly person, I just feel good when I do the like Corporal Works of Mercy, I feel good when I do that for people.”

Powell says if you’re interested in Mobile Meals or knows someone who could use Mobile Meals it’s very easy to get signed up.

“Well, first of all you’ll have to call the Lawton Mobile Meals number and talk to our program manager Belinda Anderson and then she would do an assessment to see if you qualify.”

The gift bags will be delivered later this week.

The number for Lawton Mobile Meals is (580) 357-5396.

Lawton Mobile Meals puts together Christmas gift bags for recipients
Lawton Mobile Meals puts together Christmas gift bags for recipients

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