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Freedom Oklahoma weighs in on Women's Rights Bill

Elgin Republican Representative Toni Hasenbeck wrote House Bill 1449, which clarifies how people of both biological sexes are treated under state law by defining “sex” as a person’s biological sex whether they were born a male or female.

Nicole McAfee, Executive Director of Freedom Oklahoma says this bill could prevent Trans Women and Girls from getting the help and resources they need.

“Access of public bathrooms spaces, to partial facilities where people are potentially incarcerated to things like accessing resources domestic violence providers, so really what this does is uses this kind of innocuous language of being a bill of rights that paves the way for years of discrimination for years to come.”

McAfee also says that Trans Women and Girls aren’t going anywhere and condemns efforts to limit their rights.

“I want the State of Oklahoma to know that trans women and girls have always been here and will always be here, that there is no eradicating any of our community members through policy making but what legislation like this does is create a hostile environment that makes this a hard place for people to live and a place that folks don’t want to invest in so I think I want Oklahomans to know while they may not feel personally targeted by legislation like this, that we all share the impacts of this harm.”

Bekah received her degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a minor in political science. She is a matcha connoisseur, reader, gamer, and dog lover. When she’s not working you can always find her in a book, spending time with family and her pup Senbei.