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Legislation would prevent sex offenders and human traffickers from working in long term care facilities.

A bill intended to keep sex offenders and human traffickers from working in nursing homes is advancing at the state legislature.

The Senate approved SB369 on Monday.

Duncan Republican Senator Jessica Garvin wrote the bill, which would prevent long-term care facilities from hiring anyone on the juvenile sex offender registry or who has been convicted of human trafficking.

Republican Senator Jessica Garvin: "Our current statute only covers adult offenders and so by broadening the language this is going to help protect, long-term care residents here, in the state of Oklahoma, by not allowing anyone who’s ever been convicted of those crimes and listed on a registry to work, in a long-term care setting and also add human trafficking to the list of never hirable offenses."

The bill passed out of the Senate 46-1 and now moves on to the House.