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Public Service Company of Oklahoma warns of scams old and new

Public Service Company of Oklahoma wants consumers to be aware of scams, new and old that are circulating.

Wayne Greene, Regional Communications Manager for PSO says there’s some new scams that he wants folks to be aware of.

“The Utilities United Against Scams is particularly concerned about new digital scams where people are using sponsored ads or QR Codes, to take people off to what appear to be utility bill payment pages or just utility pages, but they’re not. For the scammers they either steal your identity or just take money from you directly. We have not seen that much of that in Oklahoma yet, but you know as the scams are going to just to become more technologically savvy, our customers need to be more wary.”

Greene says there’s actually some red flags to be on the lookout for to keep you safe.

“Our employees and our business partners are never going to ask for money at your doorstep and they’re going to threaten to turn off your power at your doorstep."

Greene says that their PSO employees will have a red badge and a business partner will have a blue badge with their picture and the PSO logos, PSO employees and business partners will also always be in marked cars and will never ask to enter your home unless absolutely necessary.

Greene says if you ever doubt whether something is a scam or not, you can call their customer solutions center at 1-833-776-7697.

More information at Public Service Company of Oklahoma (

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