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Cameron University's Academic Festival XII to focus on care and health

The Cameron University Academic Festival is returning and this year the theme is “Care and Health: A Generational Approach”.

Cameron University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Ronna Vanderslice says the Academic Festival will focus on three different aspects of health.

“Our topic or our theme this year is “Care and Health: A Generational Approach”. So, our festival throughout the year is going to focus on three distinct aspects of this theme. Our first speaker will talk about child and adolescent mental health and then later in the year our second speaker will talk about adult mental health and then finally our final speaker will talk about mental health support for caregivers and for the individuals they care for.”

Dr. Vanderslice says she’s very excited for this year’s lineup of speakers and encourages the community to attend.

“I think I’m very excited about just the variety of speakers that we are bringing throughout the year. I love the speakers we have coming all bring something very different, difference messages that will provide information for different audiences in our community and I think everyone can find something throughout the year that they would really enjoy.”

Cameron University Psychology Instructor Paul James says he’s excited about this year’s theme because it’s a topic he’s very passionate about.

“For me, I’m most excited about the fact that the content of the festival is near and dear to my own heart both professional and personally I’m a licensed professional counselor and a faculty member in the department of psychology here, I teach counseling courses and mentor students who are going to go out and contribute to making Southwest Oklahoma a better place by helping people that are struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues so the fact that this year’s festival twelve focuses on mental health is super exciting and means that the discourse is really close and important to both me and my students and the people I’ve dedicated my life to caring about and for.”

Academic Festival XII will kick off with Dr. Michele Borba on September 14th at 7:30 P.M. in the Cameron University Theatre. Tickets are required and the deadline to request tickets is Sunday September 10th.

For more information you can call Cameron University Office of Public Affairs at 580-581-2211 or send an email to

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