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NPR Newsmagazine Clock Change - 17 NOV!!!

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Do you know it is time to shower when you hear the weather at 19 past, or it is time to leave for work when you hear the Texoma report at the bottom of the hour? Beginning November 17, you may need to alter your aural cues that have been present for many years. 

Effective November 17, 2014 NPR is changing their newsmagazine clocks for Morning Edition, All Things Considered and their weekend counterparts.

The most disruptive changes will occur during Morning Edition. The newscast at the top of-the-hour will be shortened to six-minutes instead of the current nine.

The break that used to occur at 19-past will begin at 18-past. This break will now contain a 90-second NPR Newscast that begins at 19-past.

Remember that local news break at the bottom of the hour? NPR has done away with that entirely. It has been replaced by a break with two minutes of local availability. There is no more newscast at the bottom of-the-hour. One newscast will move to the break at 18-past, and the other moves to a new break which begins at 41-past. The 41-past break will contain local announcements, the weather, the Texoma report and the other features you used to hear at the bottom of the hour.

NPR is incorporating Marketplace Morning Report into Morning Edition. KCCU has carried MMR as a feature for the past several years and this will continue. That break will begin at exactly 49-minutes and 35-seconds past the hour. MMR will begin at 51:30-past.

The changes to All Things Considered are much less drastic, with the exception of the local news at the bottom of the hour. The break that used to occur at 19-past is moved ahead one minute to 18-past. NPR is now requiring all stations that air ATC to carry the NPR newscasts as-is at the bottom of the hour. This will necessitate us moving the Texoma report or other features to what is known as the "D-segment" at 44-past.

The weekend clocks have been standardized. Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday as well as Weekend All Things Considered will all use the same clock. The NPR newscast will still be just over five minutes and it begins at one-past. There are two breaks during the hour at 18-past and 39-past. Both breaks will contain a 60-second headlines segment.

KCCU would now like to editorialize and say that we were not included in the focus group that came up with the changes. Our director, news and operations departments are less than fond of the changes. However, not liking change is a human trait and we will have to get used to it. We hope that it does not cause our listeners any inconvenience..., or make you late to work.

Doug Cole joined KCCU-FM in April, 2007 as Station Manager and Operations Director. In November 2012, Doug accepted the title of Interim General Manager. Doug became Director of Broadcasting, effective July 1, 2013. Prior to moving to Lawton, Doug was the General Manager of KOCV-FM, Odessa College, in Odessa Texas.