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What does home mean to you? Code Switch wants to know for our live show

<em>Code Switch</em> wants to hear from you.
Code Switch wants to hear from you.

Code Switch wants to include your stories and reflections on the idea of home in our upcoming live podcast recording. We're taping in Chicago on Nov. 2 at the Studebaker theater (please join us for the live show if you're in town!)

So... tell us, what does home mean to you? Is home a place - a city, a building, a street? Is it an object? Your houseplant? The couch you moved from place to place? Is it a person or pet you love to come back to? Your colleges buddies, your chosen family? Or is it a time in your life? Your cat?

Share a voice memo with us and a few photos. They may be part of our live show recording, as well as a episode for podcast and radio.

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Christina Cala is a producer for Code Switch. Before that, she was at the TED Radio Hour where she piloted two new episode formats — the curator chat and the long interview. She's also reported on a movement to preserve African American cultural sites in Birmingham and followed youth climate activists in New York City.