Oklahoma City, Ok. – Since 1915, the state of Oklahoma has executed 132 men and three women inmates: one, a federal prisoner, by hanging; 82 by electrocution; and the rest in more recent years by lethal injection. Officials with the Department of Corrections at the State Penitentiary in McAlester have been preparing for the four executions set by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals for this month.

Oklahoma City, OK – According to Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson whose office operates the Don't Call program which is under the new law effective January 1, more than 436,000 Oklahoma phone numbers are on the first quarter list which had a December 1 registration deadline. Telemarketers will be required to purchase a quarterly list to do business in Oklahoma starting the first of the year, and need to be in compliance as of February 1 with the first quarter's list.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – The IRS is trying to find some taxpayers to give them their tax refunds and is urging those who have not yet gotten that check in the mail to find out if they are on the list.
The tollfree hotline to call for information is 1 800-829-1954.
There also is a website available for the IRS at www.irs.gov.

Lawton, Ok. – The forecast is out for the possiblity of ice and even snow being with us for the next couple of months or so.

Lawton, Ok. – The video documentary called "The Great American Foot Race" focuses on a cross-country trek of more than 3,400 miles from Los Angeles to New York in 1928. 199 runners started and only 55 finished the event, coming through Oklahoma on old Route 66. It was won by 19-year old Cherokee Indian Andy Payne, son of an Oklahoma farmer.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – A former Stephens County resident, State Treasurer Robert Butkin faced no challenger when he filed to run for his third term in office during the summer. Butkin was to head the transition team for the newly elected governor, fellow democrat Brad Henry, for the remaining weeks of G.O.P. Governor Frank Keating's second and final term just the week following the general election.

Lawton, Ok. – Lawton Public School's Will Rogers Elementary School has 134 students and is one of the smallest of the districts's 29 elementary facilities. And in his letter to parents of the students this week, Superintendent Barry Beauchamp said the decision to recommend its closing at the end of the 2002-2003 school year was not an easy one. He wrote that "the state's curent budget shortgall and its profound fiscal impact" on the district forces careful consideration of operations of each school.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – The selection of State Treasurer Robert Butkin, now in his third term in the office, to head the transition team was made public during a news conference called by Governor-elect Brad Henry today.
Henry stated about one dozen more team members would be identified next week to help with recommendations about possible appointments to the state's boards and commissions and other matters.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – The Don't Call program list first started to accept registration for its initial list to be provided to telemarketers in mid-September and in the first week had more than 202,000 phone numbers from Oklahomans. The Oklahoma Attorney General's Office was assigned the task of handling the implementation of the program passed by the state legislature this year.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – According to Oklahoma State Health Commissioner Dr. Leslie Beitsch, the report is a call to action. This annual report card by UnitedHealth Foundation uses factors such as prevalence of smoking, violent crime, high school graduation rates, deaths due to cancer, heart disease, infectious disease and lack of health insurance. It used new methodology in some areas in 2001 where Oklahoma's rank went from 41st to 45th, and now is placed at 46th for 2002.


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