Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts

Sunday at 7:00 PM (when necessary)
  • Hosted by Rick Fulker

If you can't fly to Germany for the music festival season, Deutsche Welle will bring it to you! The Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts series features live recordings of the world's music stars performing in Germany's palaces, churches and concert halls, conveying the full immediacy and festivity of these renowned musical events.

Hosted and produced by Rick Fulker, the program explores music festivals from all across Germany. Some take place in the cities where the composers were born or worked and thus stake a special claim to authenticity: the Handel Festival in Halle, the Bach Festival in Leipzig, and, of course, the Beethoven Festival in Bonn. Others capitalize on the beautiful surroundings or special atmosphere, like Heidelberg Spring and Tensions in Heimbach. But whatever the backdrop, the performances are all of electrifying artistry and the recordings of superb "made in Germany" quality.

Rick Fulker
Credit Deutsche Welle