Preparation for Wintry Weather

Lawton, Ok. – The forecast is out for the possiblity of ice and even snow being with us for the next couple of months or so.
In preparing your home, avoid frozen pipes as it is a problem you can prevent, according to the experts. Seal up any openings to the outdoors. Wrap those pipes which could burst if they freeze with insulation or heat tape. If you are planning to leave home for an extended period of time, make sure to set the thermostat at a minimum of 58 degrees. Let hot and cold faucets stay on to permit a drip of water in the sinks and tub and open any cabinets under the sink to allow warmer air to circulate there.
For your car or truck, take time to winterize by checking hoses, belts and fluid levels. Make sure windshield wipers work well. Throw in a snow brush and a windshield scraper. Have the pressure in your tires checked regularly and make sure they are not too worn to do their jobs effectively.
Prepare for the worst weather and possibly being stuck for a while. Have a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, a bottle of water (make sure it won't freeze and explode), snack food and a first aid kit available. Cardboard, kitty litter or sand can help out in case you need some traction for that vehicle, too. Handy canned items include something to fix a flat tire and de-icer. Be sure to check weather conditions and let someone know your plans in advance of departure. Cell phones also can be vital in case of a problem but do not let them interfere with driving safely.