Fall 2016 Fundraiser

Oct 23, 2016

The on-air potion of our Fall 2016 Fundraiser has concluded. You can still Give Online Here or call 888-454-7800 during business hours. Our overall goals are to raise $60,000 from 300 members with a new-member goal of 45! Currently our totals are:

207 Renewing Members, 13 New Members & $40,877.25

Yours at $75 or above.
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We are currently at 66% of our fundraising goal for the first half of FY17.  We have also passed a milestone, over 10% of our membership revenue now comes from sustaining members. Sustaining memberships help KCCU cut down on administrative costs.

KCCU would like to thank the McCrory Foundation of Ardmore for their generous $5,000 challenge grant. We would also like to thank Frederica and Phillip Grant for their $500 new-member challenge grant.

It is not exactly breaking news that prices on everything keep going up. Our programming and affiliation fees go up from three to five-percent a year. 

The utilities at all our transmitter sites seem to go up every year.

Our tower rent goes up every year because of annual insurance premium increases on tower owners.

Our internet fees to access, monitor and provide back-up audio streams to our transmitters go up every year.

Your support for KCCU has never been more vital than it is now. Our fundraising is up, our underwriting is up and our grant revenue is also up. That being said, we are still operating at a deficit.

Our staff is working very hard to maximize our time and our resources to keep KCCU on-the-air in all our locations.

Now, we need our listeners and especially new-members to step up and do their part by making a tax-deductible donation to KCCU.

Since we are self supporting, your contributions not only enable us to purchase diverse and interesting programming, but they also contribute over $60,000 per-year to purchase electricity for transmitters, pay for tower rent, telephone communications, data-processing software and major equipment repair. 

Additionally, KCCU must pay over $40,000 per-year for legal services, financial auditing services, bank fees, printing and copier leases, information services, fuel, freight and postage.

These are not all of the costs we incur on an annual basis, but they are the major costs.

Maintenance and administrative costs add over $100,000 per-year to the $180,000 it costs to program KCCU. 

In the past three years we have suffered major damage to three antennas caused by ice-storms and wind. We had to replace obsolete monitoring equipment at all our transmitter sites. 

Your contributions do much more than ensure that Morning Edition or Performance Today is there when you turn us on, your contributions insure that we have broadcast equipment in working order.

Please support KCCU today online, or by calling 888-454-7800 or you can mail your check to KCCU, 2800 W Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73505