Cockfighting Ban Has Owners Wondering About Birds

Lawton, Ok. – The wording on the ballot for State Question 687 passed by voters bans cockfighting in Oklahoma, making it illegal as it is in 47 other states. The measure states it is a felony to own, posssess, keep or train birds for cockfighting. So now some owners are wondering what to do with these birds, and whether just keeping them alive puts them at risk for being arrested on felony charges. One Cotton County poultry raiser says he has several hundred which would probably fall under this catagory and says he does not plan to kill the animals. A call to the Oklahoma Attorney General's office today to discuss the issue received the response that calls concerning posessing the birds were being referred to local district attorneys offices. According to the Comanche County District Attorney's office, one call had been received by noon in addition to the one placed by KCCU. It would be up to local law enforcement agencies to deal with the ban and provisions of the state question.