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Democratic state senate candidate's office vandalized following televised debate

A Senate District 32 Candidate spent his weekend cleaning up his office after it was vandalized.

University of Oklahoma Football standout and Senate District 32 Candidate Larry Bush is one of two democrats seeking the Senate District 32 seat recently vacated by John Michael Montgomery.

Bush says his office was vandalized following a State Senate Debate broadcast hosted by Lawton ABC affiliate KSWO September 28th.

Bush says thousands of dollars of damage was done, but nothing of value was stolen.

“The money was on the ground. I knew I had some petty cash in this drawer and then I think it was right after the officer left, I took photos and I looked, and I look at them and said man, there’s money right here it’s just right on the ground but they left the money.”

Bush is a former OU Defensive Back and none of his memorabilia from his OU days was touched.

“Yeah, the memorabilia they left, the money, the cash they left, they didn’t take anything really of any value.

Since nothing was stolen and only property was destroyed, Bush believes that someone was trying to send him a message.

“I just feel like someone was trying to send me a message and it’s just made me more committed to serve and to continue and to fight for this position in this race.”

Bush says he has a message for the vandals that ransacked his office.

“All it done is just motivate me to work that much harder and put that much more effort to win this race and to get this seat. One, I hope they find them, but it didn’t affect me at all like I said it’s just given me more energy and just made me that much more passionate about serving and winning this seat and that position. It’s not going to deter me at all.”

John Michael Montgomery who previously held the Senate District 32 seat resigned on August 1st to take a job with Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce. On July 18th Governor Kevin Stitt issued a proclamation for a Special Election to fill the empty senate seat. The special primary election will take place October 10th and the special general election will take place December 12th. Four republicans and two democrats are vying for the senate seat.

Bekah received her degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a minor in political science. She is a matcha connoisseur, reader, gamer, and dog lover. When she’s not working you can always find her in a book, spending time with family and her pup Senbei.