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The Great 580 Youth Art Expo to feature young local artists, benefit community

A youth art expo is happening this weekend that will not only benefit student artists, but the community.

The Great 580 is presenting their Youth Art Expo this weekend at Cameron Baptist Church.

The Great 580 President, Jeff Elbert says the idea started as a way to feature young artists in the community.

“The idea came about, you know there’s always things kind of that document the athletics, there’s definitely competitions at least in the secondary level for academics. While we were trying come with ideas to document, you know how cool kids are and how cool people are in general in our community.”

Elbert says he wants everyone in the community to come out and see how Great the 580 is.

“You know, we’re all about documenting the greatness of our city, so many people want to, and really it comes from homegrown folks more than anybody else, you know we bash our own businesses, we bash our own schools, our own teachers, our own community program, we do all these things and community organizations are always competing with one another or doing whatever instead of coming together and I just want people to know it starts with us and one thing you can do is we can celebrate each other a little more and that’s what this is about, it’s about celebrating our youth, helping build their confidence and knowing that you’re dope in your own way.”

This is a formal attire event and will run like a gallery show, where patrons can come and go as they please, there will be live music, silent auction, and more.

Admission is $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

All proceeds from the Youth Art Expo will go to the Adult Basic Education Program at Great Plains Vo-Tech.

For more information you can visit The Great 580 at their Facebook page or at Home | #TheGreat580.

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