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Lawton native competing on American Idol

KCCU New's Director, Bekah Fountain was able to catch up with Lawton native PJAE about his experience on American Idol so far!

BF: PJAE was raised in Lawton, Oklahoma and graduated from MacArthur High School. He credits Lawton and local mentors for shaping his love of music.

PJAE: “I think growing up in Lawton really helped nourish a love for music, especially mentors and people in my life at the time I was really involved with the church, and you know they allowed me to become a worship leader and sing on stage and that’s where I think that love started to develop.”

BF: PJAE says he hopes his story inspires others from small towns to follow their dreams.

PJAE: “I would love to give back to Oklahoma and my town just in general, because if anyone can look at my journey and see, draw inspiration from it, and see that being from a small town or being from a place like Oklahoma, you can still do something like this and be successful at it regardless of what that succession looks like.”

BF: PJAE says while he’s not sure what his career looks like after American Idol, there’s a few things he’d like to do…

PJAE: “I envision my career doing something revolving around music, maybe tour, maybe going around, I definitely want to perform more I definitely want to get better at performing live accompanying myself and all of that stuff and I think touring around Oklahoma would be an incredible way to start my career.”

If you’d like to cheer on PJAE and watch his journey on American Idol, a new episode airs every Sunday at 7:00 P.M. Central Time on ABC.

Bekah received her degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a minor in political science. She is a matcha connoisseur, reader, gamer, and dog lover. When she’s not working you can always find her in a book, spending time with family and her pup Senbei.