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KCCU's Warp Drive begins November 2 and runs through November 22, 2015. Our goal is $60,000. If you are reading this, the  drive has already begun, because every day is fundraising day in Public Radio.

This Fundraiser, or Pledge Drive if you prefer is different. We Will Not Be Interrupting Programming!!!

Once you have received the renewal letter, or heard the on-air announcements, the drive has started.

What's different about this fundraiser you ask? Number one, we will not be interrupting programming..., if we reach our goal. Number two, when we reach our goal we quit.

To recap: We will be running on-air announcements for three weeks. If we reach our goal we will not interrupt programming. That is our promise to you!

Here is the caveat: If at the end of the three week period we have not reached our goal, we will begin an extremely intrusive on-air campaign that will continue until we reach our goal.

So, the fundraiser has started. Give now, either online here; or call our toll-free number 888-454-7800.

We have a new gift this year for all member who pledge online using a credit card.

May I present to you, the KCCU mobile phone wallet. It is large enough to hold your ID, a credit or debit card and/ or cash. It also changes color when it warms up? Why? I don't know! But you will have one and your neighbor won't. 

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KCCU Coffee Mug

We also still have the coffee mugs available with a $75 dollar pledge and t-shirts are available with a gift of $120.

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KCCU T-shirt

The price of programming continues to increase so we are asking for a little more this fall. The McCasland Foundation has graciously given KCCU a $5,000 challenge grant to stimulate giving. If you want your pledge matched, be sure and mention the McCasland Foundation Matching grant.

Doug Cole joined KCCU-FM in April, 2007 as Station Manager and Operations Director. In November 2012, Doug accepted the title of Interim General Manager. Doug became Director of Broadcasting, effective July 1, 2013. Prior to moving to Lawton, Doug was the General Manager of KOCV-FM, Odessa College, in Odessa Texas.