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Spring 2015 Fundraiser

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The 'On-air' portion of our Spring Fundraiser has concluded.  

KCCU has raised over $60,000 and counting. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity. 

All money raised during our fundraisers goes directly to pay for programs.

There is still room for you. Make your gift or pledge online here or call 888-454-7800.

KCCU would like to thank the Leslie Powell Foundation for their generous challenge grant in helping us to achieve our goal.

W would also like to thank Frederica and Phillip Grant for their New Member Challenge Grant. We would like to thank Dr. Brian Birdwell of the Birdwell-Ferris clinic for his challenge grant.

KCCU would also like to thank our Spring Fundraiser sponsors: Fort Sill Federal Credit Union, Milo Gordon Auto Mall, The Museum of the Great Plains and Pam & Barry Inc. - Remax Realtors.

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Extension Cords

The studios of KCCU went mostly dark just after 10:30 am on Thursday during the fundraiser. The entire campus of Cameron University lost a phase of A/C and when the power came back on, only a portion of the studio had power.

The staff had to scramble to find which outlets had power and then run extension cords to those outlets to get the station back on-the-air. Our entire control room is running on two heavy-duty extension cords and several power strips.

Fortunately, this is not cased by a lack of funding, listener support only goes to pay for programing. Now, if only the air conditioning worked....