KCCU-FM began broadcasting in 1989 as a non-for-profit, educational station licensed to Cameron University, providing the Lawton-Ft. Sill and Duncan areas with classical music. As the station's support and reputation grew, programming expanded to include jazz, variety shows and National Public Radio news.

Over the years, KCCU added full-power stations in Altus, Ardmore and Wichita Falls, Texas. KCCU also operates a translator in Lawton, Oklahoma to allow regions of Lawton to receive the signal due to topographical issues affecting main signal reception.

In addition to national classical broadcasts, KCCU produces Midday Concert, a live, two-hour classical music program on weekdays.  KCCU also produces a number of unique local segments such as The Genealogy Minute and Mary McClure's Slice of Life.  

KCCU's news program, Texoma Report, airs five times daily during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. The Texoma Report covers local and regional news topics.

KCCU is a department of Cameron University, and provides Cameron broadcasting students with learning opportunities. Our lab-students produce thousands of free Public Service Announcements for area non-profits each year, helping to spread the word about the many charitable organizations in our area. A new project featuring a student-produced news program began in 2017.

Our Mission Statement is located here.

Key Information

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides KCCU with an annual grant and requires KCCU to disclose the following information.

1. Station Staff. KCCU's executive staff is comprised of: Doug Cole, Director of Broadcasting (dcole@cameron.edu) and Cynthia Sosa, Station Manager & Operations Director (csosa@cameron.edu.) Both can be contacted toll free at 888-454-7800. A complete list of station staff and contact information can be found at this link.

2. Board of Directors. KCCU is owned by Cameron University and governed by the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma. The Board of Regents are: Leslie J Rainbolt-Forbes, M.D., Chair;  C. Renzi Stone, Vice-Chair; Phil B Albert; Frank Keating, Gary Pierson, Natalie Shirley and Eric Stevenson. Information about the Board of Regents can be found here.

3. Community Advisory Board. By law, KCCU is not required to have a community advisory board.

4. Open Meetings. All meetings of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma are open to the public. Information on the date, time and location of the meetings, as well as minutes of past meetings are available here.

5. Most Recent Audited Financial Statements. KCCU's most recent audited financial statements are here.

6. Annual Financial Reports. These reports are made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  A copy of the most recent report is here:  KCCU Annual Financial Report for FY 2020.

7. Employee and Contractor Compensation. KCCU does not file a separate IRS 990. KCCU does not have any highly compensated employees exceeding the threshold required to file a form 990. Instead, here is the information required in Part VIIA and Part VIIB: KCCU’s Replication of IRS 990.

8. Local Content and Services Report.

9. Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment. KCCU supports equal employment opportunities and works against discrimination in employment. KCCU operates within the principles outlined in Cameron University’s Office of Equal Opportunity.  KCCU's diversity statement and related objectives for 2020 are located here.

10. Equal Opportunity Report. Each year, KCCU files an equal opportunity report with the Federal Communications Commission.  This is the latest report. 

11. Donor Privacy. KCCU does not sell, trade, or give its mailing and phone lists to any organization that is not directly associated with the station and its activities. KCCU does not allow its lists or databases to be used in any fashion that is not directly related to its activities and controlled by its procedures. Although KCCU may receive a number of requests for list-related information during the course of its business activities, KCCU has never participated in any arrangement that might compromise the security of its database information, nor does it intend to do so in the future.

12. Harrassment Training. Prior to September 1, 2019, all employees of KCCU attended, "Title IX and Sexual Misconduct," a training program from SafeCOLLEGES TRAININGThe certificates are on file in the Director of Broadcasting office. The course was administered by the Cameron Univesity Human Resources Department at the request of the Director of Broadcasting.

Our most recent Quarterly Issues-Programs report is located here.