Lawton, Ok. – Sixteen states sent participants to Cameron University over the weekend as the Lawton campus hosted the 21st annual novice national tournament for speech and debate students.
Cameron finished with the highest number of team points just ahead of Florida State University in capturing 16 awards and winning the title of "National Champion."
According to CU's Eddie Skaggs, director of the team, "We have a good core of first-year competitors who are excited about the activity. They work hard, and they are very deserving of the 'National Champion' title."

Oklahoma City, Ok. – Oklahoma's move to change its terrorism alert level followed the federal government's lead today in lowering the national alert level by one from orange or high, where it had been for about three weeks, to the middle yellow level. The yellow elevated condition is declared when there is a significant risk of terror attacks, when neither a specific region nor target in the U.S. has been identified by intellegence information presented at the federal level.

Lawton, Ok. – As tempting as that ice on a pond might look, it's seldom cold enough long enough to produce ice capable of safely supporting people for ice skating or sliding. And Lawton Fire Chief Bart Hadley says each winter he reads tragic stories of locations around the nation where children, and even adults, have fallen through thin ice.

Lawton, Ok. – If you plan to travel to various locations around our region, there are some phone numbers to call to find out the latest road conditions.
For Oklahoma, 1-405-425-2385.
For Texas, 1-800-452-9292.
For Arkansas, 1-800-245-1672.
For Missouri, 1-800-222-6400.
For Kansas, 1-800-585-7623.

Lawton, Ok. – With the latest round of winter storms striking the area, the experts have some tips to keep you safe. If you must go out, dress warmly in layers. Remember to wear a hat or scarf to keep your body heat from escaping. Use gloves or mittens. A scarf or ski mask can help to keep your face warm, too.

Washington, D.C. – A new website is available to provide information about guidelines and more to help with planning for you and your family about what to do should be there be an emergency such as a bioterrorism attack or even a natural disaster.
It is located at www.ready.gov on the internet.
It includes such recommendations as emergency supplies to have on hand, listing suggestions for food and water, first aid kit, communications, preparing a safe place, deciding whether to go or stay, and more.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – Ok. Governor Brad Henry said, "The safety of Oklahoma citizens is our number one concern, and we are going to do everything possible to protect them." Henry stressed the February 7 elevation of the threat level was triggered by the national alert and it went up to the high risk, color-coded orange level. The govenor noted it was not due to receipt of any information indicating a threat specific to the Sooner State.

Lawton, Ok. – The public is invited to the Circle The State With Song Region I Honor Choir Festival Concert at the Simmons Center in Duncan on February 8 at 3:30 p.m. It includes fourth through eighth grade students who were selected by audtion from Stephens, Comanche, Cotton and Jefferson counties.
One of 14 Honor Choir Festival Concerts taking place across the state, it will feature guest clinician Ms. Bonnita Franklin of Lanston University and accompanist David Anderson of Lawton Public Schools. Cheryl Johnson of Duncan is coordinator of the choir.

Oklahoma City, Ok. – The initial shipment of smallpox vaccine to the Oklahoma State Department of Health includes 500 doses. It also has special vaccinator needles as well as information kits. The agency is scheduled to start vaccinating a core group of its central office employees plus some staffers of the city-county health department offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in coming weeks.
The agency has been holding nurse vaccinator training sessions throught the state to teach nurses how to administer the vaccine and monitor those receiving it.

Lawton, Ok. – Ft. Sill deployed about 300 soldiers, members of transportation and engineering units on January 14, and about 100 more on January 20. These were deployments done in conjunction with President Bush's war on terrorism. And although the exact missions, troop figures and destinations were not announced for security reasons, the post did advise the media about the deployments so reports could be made public.


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